Baby Shower Games

Not much is known about the origin of baby showers, however, it's a tradition that took off after World War II in North America.

The main focus of the baby shower is the giving of presents to the mother to be, and to celebrate the impending arrival of the baby. Traditionally, the baby shower only occurred for the first-born, as the presents were thought to be enough to be handed down to other children. However, these days people often have more than one.

Places to celebrate a Baby Shower:

  • Enjoy the outdoors - meet at the park or beach , ask everyone to bring a plate and just sit and relax (Remember to bring a chair for 'mother-to-be' so she is comfortable.
  • High tea - organise a high tea on Sunday many restaurants, hotels and cafes offer this service
  • Brunch or lunch at a friends house or cafe. .
  • If there is only a small group a spa day is a great way to relax and chat with friends & family
Remember keep it simple and relax, it is all about pampering 'mum-to-be'

Checkout the following site if you would like to include some games at your baby shower, quite an extensive list of games.