Dear Johnnies a new take on hospital gowns

When Tori Spelling opened up to U.S. Weekly about the birth of her son, Liam Aaron McDermott, she mentioned that though her diaper bag wasn't packed (Tori went into labor over two weeks before her due date), she made sure to grab her dearjohnnies nightgown prior to leaving for the hospital. Tori received a blue and white polka dot Ellie gown (pictured here) monogrammed with the initial "T."

Since we last wrote about dearjohnnies gowns, the company has been working on some great new projects.  First up is a line of matching bathrobes for the original collection.  Next, three new patterns that dearjohnnies founder, Rachel Zinny, describes as "a little funkier for those looking for something not pastel or traditional." Look for them to be available on the dearjohnnies website by the end of the month.

Rachel is also expecting her third child (and her third girl!) in a few weeks and was recently featured as a "Mom We Love" by Stork MagazineCheck her out in all her pregnant glory.  Congratulations Rachel and we hope to see you modeling your dearjohnnies gown in your hospital pictures!

Originally posted December 1, 2006: Here is a product that falls into the “wish I found it when I was pregnant” category. dearjohnnies is a line of whimsical, 100% cotton, comfortable, hospital gowns that can be worn during and after labor.

Aside from the obvious (they are super-cute), I think this is the most genius idea ever for so many reasons. For one, they actually snap down the back to cover your butt. Thank you! For another, they come with these great shoulder snaps to make breastfeeding easier. So, not only do you not have to undress yourself entirely every time you want baby to take your breast, you also look awesome while hubby is snapping those first pictures (okay, maybe you won’t look so great after labor but this will definitely help).  Then, after you move into your own room you can wear your dearjohnnies gown to receive visitors. It’s SO much more comfortable to be in a gown but so unfashionable to be wearing the hospital gown so this is a great solution.

Jennifer Garner received two gowns while pregnant with Violet and sent a personal note to dearjohnnies founder Rachel Zinny saying “what a great and creative idea.” Mariska Hartigay received the Ellie gown and wore it during son August’s birth. She said she was repeatedly complimented by the nurses and doctors on how cute it was and that it was a genius idea.

At Jayneoni’s Boom Boom Room last June celebrity moms Ming-Na, Joely Fisher, Nicole Ari Parker Kodjoe and Melissa Joan Hart picked up gowns for themselves and expecting friends (Joely picked one up for singer Nikka Costa and she wanted to pick one up for Mariska but she was informed that she already had one!). Veteran moms Lauralee Bell and Shar Jackson said they would definitely be ordering the dearjohnnies gowns for pregnant friends. Fred Savage and his wife, Jennifer Stone, picked up a gown – let’s hope Jennifer wore it during Oliver Philip's birth this past summer!

dearjohnnies gowns retail for AUD $100 exclusive to

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