Fab Ideas for Heirloom Quality Baby Shower Presents

Baby shower gifts for morethan one generation of babies


Most of us still have one or two things from our babyhood or childhood... that particular little spoon or plate that has stayed with us through everyone of our different ages and stages, a comfy blanket or doll that reminds usof going to bed at a time when we had far fewer worries hanging over our heads,or bits and pieces of jewellery that have become almost a part of you. Nowadayspractical baby shower presents and newborn baby gifts are often recommended ...and it seems that we'll have a whole generation of kids growing up without thenostalgia of childhood keepsakes to enjoy! Heirloom quality newborn baby giftsare especially appropriate if you’re close to the parents - here we give you 6 sweetideas.



There is a massive range of rattles available as newborn baby gifts ...they're one item that babies have enjoyed for many hundreds of years, all overthe world, as a sensory and developmental aid. Choose a high quality, durablerattle as a baby shower present, and chances are that the child will still haveit at their own baby shower!


Baby bracelets

Tiny baby bracelets can be quite affordable, yet made of quite highcaratage gold. As kids grow up, they can be incorporated into a necklace, orsimply extended by a jeweller.


Soft dolls

Soft dolls can be a great newborn baby gift for both boys and girls.While they won’t be able to cuddle them to sleep straight away, dolls oftenbecome a 'friend' and confidante for both sexes alike, and are fondly kept andpassed down to their own children.


Baby hand and foot casting kits

It simply isn’t possible to even look at their tiny little hand or footcasts without going 'Awwwwww' inside! Many kits have progressed inmanageability and materials, such that you can actually create full3-dimensional casts of your bub's hands or feet, rather than just impressions.


Dinner sets

Little knife, fork and spoon sets are a lovely heirloom-quality babygift that can actually be used daily, and kept in much the same condition formany years. Plates, bowls and egg cups are also popular newborn baby gifts, buttend not to survive the hazards of daily life unless they're put away somewhere... and if a child never sees the item, it will have little sentimental value.


Music boxes
Music boxes are gorgeouschildhood gifts that can be kept as heirlooms. If you’re buying one as a babyshower present,  look for anon-commercial design ... but you don't necessarily have to choose one thatalready looks 'traditional'. The designs, colours and themes that seem modernnow will naturally seem more 'antique' as the decades roll on!