Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts 4MUM

At 4MUM shopping for pregnant women is easier that you would think. We believe "Every mum deserves to be pampered".
There are lots of things women need and want during their pregnancy.
We have put together a "Top 5 Baby Shower Gifts" to make buying a present a little easier.

Top 5 Gifts:

1)Pampering Gifts:
Give the gift of deluxe pampering. Pregnancy can be hard, uncomfortable and painful. Feet, back and legs start to ache due to the weight of the baby. A little pampering can go along way to lift the spirits, balance the mind and assist with the aches and pains. A day spa voucher is a great pre and post pregnancy gift. Endota Spa Voucher 

Especially if this is her first pregnancy, she'll want to read a lot about how her baby is developing and how her body is changing.
There are many pregnancy magazines and parenting magazines to choose from give a 12 month magazine subscription , a gift that keeps giving.
Time is so precious when you are a mum, spoil her with a bit of "me" time.

3) Maternity accessories: 
It is hard to build a whole new maternity wardrobe, a few key accessories will help get her to the finish line in style.
Jewellery a chunky new necklace, dangling earrings or a colourful bracelet will add that wow factor.
Belts are a fantastic accessory and very hip right now. A basic dress or top paired with a leather maternity belt will add style to any outfit.
Body Wrap or Belly belt wrap is
the most versatile maternity accessory.The body wrap can be worn as a belly band, skirt or bustier.

4) Lotions and body products:
As the belly expands, natural and safe pregnancy cosmetics - oils, moisturisers, body washes,soaps are great gifts to pamper, soothe and comfort. We have selected great range of brands Billie Goat Soap, Endota Spa Organic and Mama Mio.
Bath and body products are also great  to create a her own home spa and give the gift of comfort.

5) Nappy Bags
A Baby bag is one of the most essential gifts for mum when she is out and about. A bag should be functional and stylish.

Remember "Every mum deserves to be pampered!"