What you should pack in your hospital bag

•    Birth plan
•    Dressing Gown - Dearjohnnies Hospital Gown and Robe
•    Slippers and socks
•    Dearjohnnies swaddle blanket to capture the first moments with baby
•    Heat Pack - to ease muscle pain
•    Endota Spa Orange spritz – citrus is perfect for pick-up during labour
•    Lip Balm - Endota Spa Lip Balm
•    Massage oil or lotion if you would like to be massaged during your labour
•    Oils and burner – citrus is refreshing, help focus and relax
•    Music – ipod, favourite CD, check with your hospital on rules
•    Camera , check with hospital on rules

For after the birth
•    Dressing Gown - Dearjohnnies Hospital Gown and Robe (Perfect when you have visitors)
•    Shawl / wrap – cosy and warm when in hospital
•    Toiletries- Travelpac to store– shampoo/conditioner  OR
      Endota Spa Travel Pack ( already prepared for you)
•    Bebe Au Lait – Breastfeeding cover
•    Tortellini cushion – help support whilst nursing baby
•    Laundry Bag – to carry dirty clothes home Opal London
•    Disposable knickers
•    Envirosax – pop in hospital bag, to carry gifts home
•    Baby Time monitor- ITZBEEN to record last feed,nappy change,sleep
•    Breastfeeding bracelet – Milk Bands to record last feed
•    Breast pads for when your milk comes in
•    Towels, Shower cap, Sleep Mask (share ward- shut eye during the day) , soap, hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste –            Opal london, Willow and Finch
•    Body Moisturiser – Billy Goat Moisturiser
•    Magazines and books - whilst baby is sleeping
•    Baby Journal – New mothers journal