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Apple & Bee F/O Bath Bag

Apple and Bee pride themselves on making the most beautiful cosmetic, travel and baby bags without harming the environment. Apple and Bee are committed to eco-friendly, sustainable design,and a great colour palette.

Apple & Bee Fold Out Bath Bag - NEW Japan Blue Glitter, this is one of Apple & Bee's true classics! The Fold Out WC is a clever combination of sophisticated style, design and function.

Made from organic cotton on the outside and waterproof inside, the bag features 3 separate compartments and a hanger hook. All Apple & Bee bags come packaged in a gorgeous calico bag. 


  • Natural fibres are coated for protection, without 'plastic' look
  • Gorgeous detailing - with leather trim and silver Apple and bee charm
  • Waterproof inside, 3 compartments and a hanger hook
  • All bags come in there own calico bag (refer to pic)
Dimensions: 26 cm x 19 cm


Apple and Bee


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