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Bosom Buddy

Developed by a renowned dermatologist in the USA, Bosom Buddy warm and cool therapy promotes a healthy feeding experience by soothing discomfort, engorgement, blocked ducts, mastitis and breast tenderness. The perfectly contoured gel packs assist in increasing milk flow and encourages a longer and happier breastfeeding experience.

The Bosom Buddy incorporates a revolutionary gel formulae maintaining temperature for over half an hour. The unique outer material remains soft and flexible at all temperatures. Gel packs are non toxic, hypoallergenic and completely safe to use as an alternative to cabbage leaves.

Pack includes two reusable packs that can simply be washed with a little soap and water.

How to Use:
Heat the pack in warm water and apply before feeding to assist milk flow, and cool between feedings to reduce swelling and discomfort.


Bosom Buddy


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