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Envirosax Origami B3

Envirosax® reusable shopping bags are spreading the eco-friendly message with style!

The NEW Origami Infusingmultiple looks and styles, Origami is individual, quirky and fun.Influenced by the playful street fashion in Japan where creativefashionistas parade their savvy style. Cute, poppy and a little kooky;be inspired, let your imagination run wild.

Chic,inexpensive and compact, Envirosax® environmentally friendly shoppingbags carry the message of re-use to a world ready to embrace a brighterecological future.

 Lightweight polyester, portable, waterproof, and weighing just 40geach, these groovy bags are available individually. With reinforced seams, eachsurprisingly large bag can hold a weight the equivalent of twosupermaret plastic bags.


  • Australian designed & owned
  • waterproof
  • rolls up to a small ball,can store in handbag
  • hand wash in cool water

Dimensions :   Unrolled: 47 x 43cm.
                      Rolled: 10 x 5.5 x 4cm.




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