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Inkless Print 5 x7 Frame Kit

This easy to use frame kit is a great gift and will delight parents, friends and relatives. Included is enough paper to make a print for your frame and another for your baby book!

Simply take your child's hand and footprints with our easy to use inkless print system and place the print into the frame and the other into you baby book.  It's that easy and there is NO MESS to Clean Up!

Frame Kit contains everything you need; simply wipe over your child's hand or foot with the magic paper and 'presto' your detailed print will appear.  Your precious print is permanent and makes an ideal keepsake

Ideal for newborns, siblings and twins.

Kits Contains:
1 Magic Towelette
3 BELLY ART Treated Papers
5x7 Frame

Available in 3 colours : Pink, Blue and White


Belly Art

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