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Kids Basix Sippy Cup 2

Kids Basix Safe Sippy Cup 2

Look know further this is the sippy cup that your toddler will love. Converts easily from a sippy cup to a straw cup in seconds.

Meet the world's first and only 2 - in - 1 convertible sippy to straw bottle. Described by a mother in her blog as "quite possibly the the coolest sippy ever". 

Nothing irks parents more then buying something for their children that doesn't last, which is why Kid-Basix in the USA developed the Safe Sippy2 in stainless steel. It's safe, BPA free, versatile and durable. So when the child says he or she is too old for a sippy cup and wants a straw bottle like the "big kids", parents can reach for the straw adapter instead of their wallet. 

Unique product features include;

- Instant conversion into a straw bottle with the included straw and adapter,
- Removable handles,
- Made from food grade 304 stainless steel,
- Travel plug stops flow and leaks whilst being transported in a purse or bag,
- Thermo plastic rubber sleeve provides insulation, especially for cold fluids,
- Tapered waist and ribbing helps little hands hold the cup once the handles are removed.

In today's world we all have to !rethink Value.

RRP $ 24.99

Colours Available:Pink, Green, Blue    Size: 325 ml


Kids Basix

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