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Mama Mio Mini Kit

Mama Mio Mini Kit is for commitment phobes, jet-setters or Mama Mio beginners. This kit contains the best of the Mama Mio skin care range in convenient miniatures, so you can pamper your supermama-self wherever you are.

Boob Tube 10g / 0.35 oz, Moisturising Shower cream 30 ml / 1 fl.oz, Super-rich Body Cream 30ml / 1 fl.oz, Wonder-Full Balm 8g / 0.28 oz, Gravida Candle, Tummy Rub Oil 23.6ml / 0.28 fl.oz.

How to use:
Boob Tube Apply once a day from well above to just below your boobs. Paying special attention to the pectoral muscle (and your partner’s expression). This is part of your daily skincare maintenance routine – feel free to use from 18 to 80 on a daily basis. We promise you will thank us in years to come!
Moisturising Shower Cream Use in the shower or in the bath. We’re hoping you already know how! Our amazing US Marketing guru, Cathy O, uses it as her facial cleanser and thinks it’s the biz. Having worked with Crème de la Mer and Jo Malone, she should know.
Super-rich Body Cream We use it on hands, legs and arms – every day. We love it as an after-sun cream. Our kids love it on scaly winter skin. Our husbands have been known to steal it too (we discourage that - it is for supermamas, after all!). Wonder-Full Balm Apply a tiny seed pearl size dollop to lips (perfect your pout), cuticles, elephant elbows, hard-as-nails heels, scuffy knees, seriously dry hands, little cuts, bumps and boo boos, pregnancy dry patches and so on!
Gravida Candle Light, relax and breathe deeply. Preferably in the bath, preferably alone. Every now and then you can share the joy – but beware this candle has been known to cause pregnancy! Follow instructions and burn responsibly.
Tummy Rub Oil Rub on once a day in the first trimester of pregnancy and twice a day thereafter - from above your boobs to below your bum and all the way round.You will want to use it for at least four months after baby has arrived in your world. This is because it helps keep your skin toned and tight as you shrink back down to the normal you.

  • 5 of Mama Mio's must have products for pregnancy (I bet you will love them all)
  • Moisture, Pamper, Relax , NO to stretch marks in one gift
  • Great "just heard the news gift" from dad or friend


Mama Mio


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