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Mama Mio Tumy Rub Stretch Mark Oil

Mama Mio have created a great and safe range of radically active body products for every women.

Say NO to stretch marks! This is the very first pregnancy product we ever made and we have all used this through our many pregnancies. Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil, 100% moisture and natural goodness, full of Omega 3, 6 and 9 – but it isn't at all oily (weird but true). Your thirsty skin immediately soaks it up leaving it super soft with a protective sheen.

How to use: Rub on once a day in the first half of pregnancy and twice a day in the second - from above your boobs to below your bum and all the way round. In the beginning, you are rubbing it on for yourself ('stop stretch marks, stop stretch marks') but as the weeks go by and your tummy grows, it becomes a magic ritual of massaging your baby and a time to dream, thinking of names and what wonders await.You will want to use it for at least four months after baby has arrived in your world. This is because it helps keep your skin toned and tight as you shrink back down to normal. It is totally safe to use whilst breastfeeding. As with all skincare, just avoid the nipple area as your baby does not need a mouthful of tummy rub!

  •  Safe for pregnancy and motherhood
  • Say NO stretch marks!
  • Free from nasties, paraben, sodium laureth and sodium laurel sulphate free, xenoestrogen & phthalates, colourant and synthetic fragrances.
  • Great "just heard the news gift" from dad or friend


Mama Mio


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Product Reviews

Nicole, Woolloomooloo gave it 5 stars on 19/02/2010
“I received my 4mum package yesterday. Thank you so much for all the products, the packaging was gorgeous and I’ll really enjoy using them. I loved the thickness of the stretch mark oil, it’s like a massage balm and the subtle scent is great too – not overpowering for my sensitive nose. Lovely.”

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