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Opal London - 5" Natural Sea Sponge

Opal London established in the nineteen seventies, were prepared to make a stand against animal testing, insisted on sustainable resources, fair trade and environmentally sound operations.

Natural Sea sponge is natures softest and most natural bathing tool. This is a 'wool' sponge , an ecologically sound, fast-growing, shallow water sponge from managed sources in the Gulf of Mexico.
This Sea Sponge is absorbant, durable and long lasting. Its soft texture allows gentle exfoliation for a luxurious soft bathing experience Adding your favorite soap or bath gel will create a large amount of suds for your bathing pleasure.

  • Soft and natural sponge
  • Gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin
  • Shower gel lasts twice as long and creates a large amount of suds
  • Great for kids baths


OPAL London


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