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OrganicKidz Thermal 270ml

This vacuum insulated baby bottle is designed for 6+ months and comes with a fast flow Teat. The liquid inside will keep cold or warm for 5 - 6 hours. This is a great flask for Mum's and Dad's on the go!
Stainless steel baby bottles are the optimum bottle for your child. Compared to glass and plastic bottles, they are a healthier and safer option.

OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Baby Bottles offer a number of advantages over the mainstream plastic or glass alternatives. From Hygiene, to impact resistance, to recyclable. organicKidz stainless steel products should be your first choice for bottle feeding your family.
•    Double insulated and will keep liquids warm or cold for 5-6 hours.
•    Due to being made out of stainless steel, it is unbreakable and dent resistant.
•    Each bottle contains a silicon teat that is compatible with most narrow necked teats.
•    The lid doubles as a 60mL formula measuring cup and the bottle is dishwasher safe.
•    BPA, PVC and Phthalates free and is naturally bacteria resistant and non-leaching.
•    Wont break like glass or dent like aluminium.

Silver with blue dots
Brown with pink dots
Blue no dots

270ml Double insulated



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