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Wean Meister Storage

Wein Meister New silicone Freezer Pods are the best solution for freezing breast milk and baby food.
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • Recyclable
  • Stackable
  • 100% Safe no BPA or Toxins
  • Handy clip-on Lid
  • Extra Support
  • 9 Perfect portions
Why are Freezer Pods Unique?
Freezer Pods are the only baby food freezing solution made out of silicone, the only product that will not snap under pressure and the easiest to use and retrieve frozen food.

Why are they better than the other plastics on the market?
The key reason; that the food is so much easier to retrieve, but also:
Fully tested to certify they do not contain any BPA, Phthalates or any other toxins.
Only one tray, as opposed to 9 separate pots, to cater for 9 meals.  Less fiddly, less to lose and tidier in the kitchen.
Dozens of ways to re-use after the weaning phase.  Not many baby products have such a long life span, you will be using yours for years.
Freezer Pods are made up of 9 separate pods, each holding 75ml (9x75ml = 675ml).
This is a good meal size for baby.  It couldn’t be more convenient to quickly pop out one pod for baby at dinner time.
Freezer Pods measure 20cm X 20cm x 5cm
They have been designed to make best possible use of freezer space.

Available in : Coral Pink, Blue, Turquoise


Wean Meister

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